The Firm provides assistance in and out of court on a wide range of administrative law matters. In particular, the Firm, thanks to the interdisciplinary expertise of its practitioners, provides legal assistance to several companies, individuals and public entities in the fields of tenders and public works, services and supplies (e.g., in relation to tenders concerning the supply of medical devices), urban planning and building law, environmental law, public contribution regimes, telecommunications, health law and food law.

The Firm counsels businesses and individuals in the management of all stages of administrative proceedings, g, assisting clients in the drafting of all necessary requests, in the participation in tenders and in dealing with the public administration, as well as in drafting all relevant contracts.

The lawyers of the Firm have gained consolidated experience in administrative litigation, before Regional Administrative Courts and the State Council. The firm had represented a wide range of clients (businesses, individuals and entities) in proceedings for the challenge of measures issued by administrations, authorities and public bodies on a diverse range of matters (building, antitrust, insurance, telecommunications and other regulated sectors, as well as food, with a specific focus on organic certifications in the agri-food sector).

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