Founder and head of the Firm, Professor Ugo Ruffolo is a jurist and lawyer with over thirty years of experience, as well as an esteemed professor of Civil Law. He is also well-known to the public for his articles on national press and having been invited as legal expert on several tv shows.

As a lawyer, registered with the Rome Bar, Professor Ruffolo has assisted and assists some of the main companies and businesses, national and foreign, as well as regularly assisting individuals and small and medium companies. In particular, Professor Ruffolo:

  • has counseled the most relevant companies operating in the fields of television, national press, telecommunications, aviation, construction and infrastructures and large distribution;
  • has gained a vast experience as an arbitrator in the context of important arbitral proceedings, especially in the fields of procurement and corporate litigation;
  • is very active in the defense of individual rights and litigation for damage compensation, especially in the fields of medical malpractice, liability of the media, protection of reputation and privacy and property;
  • has been a pioneer in the field of advertising law and media law and has had a vast experience in these fields, also in the context of proceedings before the Giurì dell’Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria and AGCM;
  • is an expert of consumer law, having authored several essays on the topic and having gained significant experience in assisting and counseling both individuals and corporations on the topics of product liability, breach of consumer contracts and class actions;
  • has gained vast experience in the field of property law and has assisted and still assists individuals and corporations in the relevant litigation, especially with regard to the connected issues of expropriation, state property and indemnification, also before the European Court of Human Rights;
  • has regularly assisted individuals in their relationships with public administration and authorities, in and out of court;
  • is an expert of multinationals, both as counsel and lawyer and as the author of one of the first Italian studies on their functioning.


Prof. Avv. Ugo Ruffolo
Prof. Avv. Ugo Ruffolo

Ugo Ruffolo was Full Professor of Civil Law and Advertising and Communication Law at the Law School of the University of Bologna, where he taught for more than thirty years. He also thought in other universities (LUISS, Università di Perugia and Università della Calabria). He was also Prorector and Full Professor of Civil Law at the Lugano Campus of the Human Sciences School of LUDES.

Professor Ruffolo has authored several monographic works and essays on various topics in the fields of law and economics. He has been the director of the law review "Responsabilità, Comunicazione, Impresa" for more than ten years and he also edits the eponymous series of monographs and essays, which remains very active reliable to this day.

As a scholar, Professor Ruffolo is engaged in a constant research activity in a wide range of fields pertaining to civil and commercial law. He recently started, as one of the pioneers in Italy, a wide and ongoing research activity dedicated to the relations between Artificial Intelligence and law, with specific regard to the topics of liability, which resulted in a series of legal articles and monographs.

Professor Ruffolo has held several relevant public roles, participating as judicial council and expert to ministerial commissions. He was also asked to take part as expert in several Parliamentary hearings, such as during the approval process of the old and new laws on class actions and collective proceedings.

He was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Autocisa S.p.A., as well as President of the Azienda Farmaceutica Municipalizzata of Bologna, member of the Board of Directors of the Società per gli Studi di Settore S.p.A. (SOSE) in Rome and of the Council of the Arbitral Chamber of the Bologna Chamber of Commerce.

Professor Ruffolo has authored a wide number of essays and articles, published on the main Italian and foreign law reviews, mainly in the fields of corporate law, corporate liability, liability from economic activities (groups of companies, procurements, supply relationships, liability from dangerous activities, product liability, transport law, telecommunications, advertising, competition and antitrust) and consumer protection.

Professor Ruffolo has also authored or co-authored the following works and monographs:

  • Intelligenza Artificiale, dispositivi medici e diritto, a cura di Ruffolo-Gabbrielli, Torino, Giappichelli, 2023;
  • I diritti nelle piattaforme, a cura di Pinelli-Ruffolo, Torino, Giappichelli, 2023;
  • Vaccinazioni: diritti, doveri, responsabilità, a cura di Gabrielli-Ruffolo, in Giurisprudenza Italiana, n. 10/2022;
  • Le nuove frontiere della responsabilità medica, Milano, Giuffrè-Francis Lefebvre, 2022;
  • Class action ed azione collettiva inibitoria, Milano, Giuffrè-Francis Lefebvre, 2021;
  • La responsabilità medica, a cura di Gabrielli-Ruffolo, in Giurisprudenza Italiana, n. 2/2021;
  • XXVI lezioni di Diritto dell’Intelligenza Artificiale, Torino, Giappichelli, 2021;
  • Intelligenza artificiale – Il diritto, i diritti, l’etica, Milano, Giuffrè-Francis Lefebvre, 2020;
  • Intelligenza Artificiale e diritto, edited by Ruffolo-Gabrielli, in Giurisprudenza Italiana, n. 7/2019;
  • La nuova responsabilità medica, Milan, Giuffrè, 2018;
  • Intelligenza artificiale e responsabilità, Milan, Giuffrè, 2017;
  • Colpa e responsabilità, in La responsabilità e il danno, Trattato di diritto civile, LipariRescigno (diretto da), Vol. IV/III, Milan, Giuffrè, 2009;
  • La responsabilità medica, Milan, Giuffrè, 2004;
  • Commentario al Codice dell’Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria, Milan, Giuffrè, 2003;
  • La tutela del navigatore in Internet, Milan, Giuffrè, 2002;
  • Nuove frontiere dell’autonomia associativa, societaria, consortile e pubblici appalti, Milan, Giuffrè, 2000;
  • Clausole abusive e clausole vessatorie, Milan, Giuffrè, 1997;
  • Casi e questioni di diritto privato La responsabilità civile, AA.VV., Milan, Giuffrè, 1994;
  • Casi e questioni di diritto privato Editio minor, AA.VV., Milan, Giuffrè, 1993;
  • La responsabilità per danno da prodotti difettosi, Milan, Giuffrè, 1990;
  • Voce “Segreto”, Enciclopedia del Diritto, vol. XLI, Milan, Giuffrè, 1989;
  • La tutela individuale e collettiva del consumatore; profili di tutela individuale, Milan, Giuffrè, 1989;
  • The law and practice relating to pollution control in Italy, Milan, Franco Angeli, 1987;
  • Interessi collettivi o diffusi e tutela del consumatore, Milan, Giuffrè, 1985;
  • La responsabilità vicaria, Milan, Giuffrè, 1979.
Prof. Avv. Ugo Ruffolo

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