The volume edited by Prof. Ruffolo on “La nuova responsabilità medica” (“The new medical liability”), published by Giuffré Francis Lefebvre, is now available. The book collects several contributions by different authors, almost all of which are professors of Ph.Ds., cooperating to the professional and scientific activity of the Firm, except for an authoritative external voice (M. Costanza).

The volume, after almost 15 years since the first monograph “La responsabilità medica”, also edited by Prof. Ruffolo, focuses on the new aspects of medical malpractice after the approval of the reform. Medical malpractice has now been completely changed. Changes that have, in part, met some of the wishes of many practitioners in finally clarifying the distinction between the liability of the physician and that of healthcare facilities. If the ancient practice was to prioritize the physician’s liability, the new law now clarifies the crucial role of healthcare facilities in medical malpractice cases.