On March 2019 Prof. Ruffolo will give a speech at the seminar which will be held at the University of Pavia, on the topic “Artificial Intelligence, medical liability and product liability”.

From automated diagnostics to the “robo-surgeon”, from exoskeletons to “smart” prostheses, the implementation of several forms of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector constitutes a varied and growing reality; with all consequent social, ethical and legal issues. Starting from this assumption, the seminar will deal with the consequences of the use of new “smart” devices in healthcare in terms of liability for hospitals and single physicians, as well as for manufactures of medical devices. Specifically, Prof. Ruffolo’s speech will assess the possible new forms of liability connected to the manufacturing and sale of A.I.-operated medical products, especially when self-learning; particular attention will be paid to the topic of the direct liability of the creator of the algorithm “animating” self-learning machines.