The latest issue of the Italian law review “Giurisprudenza Italiana” (issue no. 7/2019) features a vast monographic section on the topic of “Artificial Intelligence and law”, edited by Prof. Ruffolo and Prof. Enrico Gabrielli (University of Rome - Tor Vergata).

The essays featured in the section draw a detailed an overarching picture of the emerging legal issues related to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in various fields: from liability connected to production or employment of “smart” goods (including liability for damage caused by algorithms) to the questions of administrative and tax law; from the issues of protection of personal data and copyright to smart contracts, to the “new individual rights” and the questions related to “electronic personhood”.

In particular, Prof. Ruffolo has authored and/or coauthored three essays of the section. One (“Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and liability related to algorithms”) examines the new issues of liability posed by A.I., machine learning, deep learning, neural networks and self-learning algorithms. The essay “Autonomous vehicles and liability in our legal order and in the U.S. system” (Ruffolo-Al Mureden) traces an interpretative option translating into legal language the ethical dilemmas of the “smart automotive” industry. The essay “Artificial Intelligence and individual rights: the frontiers of transhumanism” (Ruffolo-Amidei) deals with the complex legal and ethical issues related to the new forms of combination of A.I., biotechnologies, medical sciences and genetic engineering, which constitute the way towards human enhancement.

Moreover, Avv. Andrea Amidei, of the Firm, has authored the essay “Artificial Intelligence and product liability: developments of European Union law”, dealing with the issues of liability for defective products in connection with the employment of A.I. and the approaches of EU law on the topic.

The section also includes essays authored by authoritative experts: Prof. Giusella Finocchiaro (University of Bologna), Prof. Francesco Di Giovanni (University of Bari), Prof. Maria Costanza (University of Pavia), Prof. Enrico Al Mureden (University of Bologna), Prof. Marialuisa Gambini (University of Chieti), Avv. Marilù Capparelli (Google, Legal Director EMEA), Prof. Alberto Maria Gambino (European University of Rome), Prof. Antonio Uricchio (former Dean of the University of Bari), Prof. Eugenio Picozza (University of Rome - Tor Vergata) and Dr. Roberto Bichi (President of the Court of Milan).